Adventure urge is that feeling that all of us get at some point which makes us want to go out in nature and feel alive, either by climbing a cliff, jumping off one or simply enjoying the sights. The difference is that some of us act on this feeling, but some silence it.

Hi, I'm Kaspars

I’m that guy who always annoys his friends trying to get them to go to places and do things. Now I, often joined by other adventure souls are trying to annoy or urge even more people, outside of our circle of friends.


When we were kids, most of us were running around outdoors, playing games, climbing trees, because we were worry-free and full of endless youth energy.


Well, this energy has never left me and I still want to run around and do all those fun things, only now in a form of exploring, mountain biking, skiing, cliff jumping, kayaking and so on.


If you add traveling to all these activities and an official term, doing all these things together nowadays is often referred to as adventure tourism or travel.


Plenty of research has shown that adventure tourism has several benefits on humans health and local economies. It also makes me feel alive and gets me going more than a triple espresso, so I have decided to put all my inner child energy to good use and expand the positive outcomes of adventure tourism and hopefully help someone else obtain that juicy, healthy feeling. 


Feel free to get in touch if there is something you would like to talk about or go check out some adventures in the blog section. Bye for now!

Can you relate to what is written above?

If so, pick an adventure and go do it yourself, big or small doesn't matter. Check out the blog page for ideas, and make it happen.