I just want to put this out there – campervanning is freakin’ awesome!

It’s not something only classic American families do in the movies, it is literally for everyone and it’s so great. Here’s why. You can save money while combining the costs of transportation and a place to stay. You have the ability to turn your vehicle/house into a nightclub whenever you want and have a party on wheels. You can wake up to a different view outside of your window every morning, hang out with your homies, munch and play the game of who stays in their seat the longest without falling out. All while being on the move. The list goes on, but you get the gist. 

Camper van parked on the side of the beach with waves breaking
One of many mad beautiful lay-bys on the NC500

I and some of my friends and ex-course mates decided to do something special to celebrate our graduation from university. What a better way to do so if not by having a 6-day party on wheels while exploring the amazing nature of Scotland’s highlands. So we decided to rent a campervan, select one of the most iconic routes in the country – NC500, buy plenty of supplies and hit the road.

Map and route of the north coast 500 in scotland

We chose the NC500 as our route which is sort of like Scotland’s version of the Route 66 in US or the Ring Road in Iceland, except with much more castles on the way. 

The route is a loop around highlands of Scotland, starting and finishing in Inverness. It has endless attractions and places to see, some of the most popular being John o groats, the Smoo Cave, soooo many amazing beaches, even more amazing castles, and the madly awesome road to Applecross – Bealach na Ba (I dare you to pronounce it how the Scotts do).

Collage of North Coast 500 attractions in Scotland

We decided to do the route in 6 days going in the direction from East to West and it’s fair to say that our minds were blown on a daily basis. During 6 days and 5 nights, we had everything. Nature, camper-night clubs, waterfalls, bbq’s and most importantly so much laughter.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” – so here are 15 thousand words in pictures. 

People sitting on the stairs at Waligoe Steps
The gang at Waligoe Steps
A man zip-lining over a beach in Scotland
About to swoosh the Golden Eagle Zipline
Beach in Highlands of Scotland
People standing next to a camper van
The mandatory campervan photo

While all buzzed up on the liquid bread, someone thought that it would be fun to go into the waterfall for a photo (Insta model alert). It was almost summer, after all, in Scotland (eternal Spring, if you’re from anywhere else in the world).

People standing under a waterfall coldSo we did. 

People standing in the Clashnessie waterfall in scotland
Bunch of Insta models at Clashnessie Falls

People watching a beach in Scotland

Any trip to highlands in Scotland requires a hike, we did one too. It’s sure to say that it wasn’t one of our most pleasant experiences since it snowed and rained (in May), but ahh, you can’t win them all. 

People hiking the An Teallach in Scotland
An Teallach
People drinking Corona extra beer on top of the mountain in snow
Snow in May – pretty standard in Scotland
A man sitting in a camping chair in front of a mountain in a sunny day
A pretty standard view to wake up to
Sango Sands view point stairs
Sango Sands viewpoint
People hanging out outside of a store in Scotland
People watching a sunset on the beach next to a caravan in Scotland
Nature decided to do this on the last night at the Sands camping park

On the 6th day of our trip, we conquered the crazy gorgeous Bealnch na Ba and reached our final destination, Applecross. It was home-time. 

The moral of this story is that adventuring with a campervan is awesome, easy and fun. Of course, it was not the campervan on its own which made the adventure so great. It was the people, and of course, Scotland’s nature played its part too. However, it was the campervan which enabled us to be together the majority of the time. It gave us the opportunity to wake up to a different view every morning and explore one of the most beautiful areas in Scotland.

A group photo of happy people by John O Groats sign in Scotland
John o’ Groats

It’s your turn now, go gather some fellow adventurers, rent a campervan and go adventure!

Let’s chat in the comment section!