Have you ever made a bucket list? Chances are, the answer is ‘yes.’ I made one too at the age of 16 with the things I want to do before I die. After recovering it from a stone-age PC at my dad’s house and doing a quick skim through it, I noticed that almost all of the things on the list had something to do with adventure sports and activities with occasional classics scattered in between, like get rich, set a Guinness World Record, become a professional basketball player, or find the ‘’one.’’ I obviously watched way too much HIMYM with the last one. 

Since I’m 5’7” (173cm) in my late twenties, I think I might have to give a pass on the professional basketball career, and also I’m sort of tired of looking for the ‘’one.’’ But ticking off all the adventure sports items ASAP would be more than realistic and could be pretty fun. So I decided to do some research and put together a bucket list of adventure sports and activities so I can get it done and dusted and get back to looking for the ‘’one.’’

In order to make a list, some guidelines had to be set in terms of what goes on it. Some of the most common attributes of adventure sports and activities involve physical exertion, considerable skill to avoid poor execution, high levels of danger, and being somewhat untraditional.

It can be argued that bungee jumping is not a sport, since it’s not competitive and no physical exertion or even risk is involved – however, analysing each specific activity is not my goal here. So I made it simple – if the specific activity has a degree of thrill, action, extreme or adventure in it – it goes on the list.  If you want to know more about the specifics, this article explains the action sports pretty well. 

Without further ado – the grand Adventure Sports Bucket list! 

There will be a ‘’show and tell’’ about each activity once a week in no particular order in hopes of encouraging someone else to make a list of their own and try some of these crazy, awesome, mind-boggling endeavours. And maybe shed a light on some of the lesser-known sports and activities, for example, Fierste Ljepper, a canal vaulting sport that comes from Holland. Yeah, it’s a thing. 

The list is not set in stone and new items will most likely be added, as new adventure sports and activities are invented every day, and there’s a big chance I forgot something. So feel free to suggest any adventure sports or activities that I have missed. I will be happy to review them and possibly add them to the list for completion.

What now? Hopefully, I have managed to inspire you with this over-the-top bucket list for you to try something you haven’t done before. So go make a list of your own, and I’ll see you out there!

If you’ve been able to do any of these crazy sports and lived to tell about them, leave a comment below!

Thank you Extreme, Huffpost, Life Hack, Extreme Go, and The Lonely Planet for the bucket list item ideas!