Have you ever seen any of those beautiful music videos where people are running around all perfect in slow-mo on this amazing breathtaking beach while holding hands, making out and so on? Well, this is the place where a lot of those videos take place, except there is way less cheesiness and much more true awesomeness. Everything else is here, the breathtaking beauty, nature, the remoteness and most importantly the challenge to get there! In terms of cleanliness, this was nothing like the rest of Bali or even the car park just above it. We couldn’t find a single piece of trash anywhere which made this place even more magical.

Kelingking T-rex beach with blue sky

This place is known as the ‘’T-Rex Beach’’ because the shape of the cliffs encompassing the beach resembles a shape of a dinosaur which is partially responsible for the huge popularity of the location.

Why should you go? – Crazy amounts of excitement, pure joy and happiness! 

Even though the beach is definitely not secret in any way, it is secluded and somehow super clean. Combined with amazingly beautiful turquoise water, golden sand and the perfect waves it does seem like a little paradise on earth. The hardcore trek down probably also makes resting your sweet tushy on the beach much more rewarding. 

A man doing a handstand at Kelingking T-Rex beach in Nusa Penida Indonesia

We bodysurfed, cartwheeled and just hang in the water for ages, the remoteness of the place makes you forget there’s a world anywhere else but there. 

Getting there

To get there all you have to do is fly to Indonesia and take a looooot of boats to get to Nusa Penida. There is a harbour on the north of the island which serves as the main transport connection. Once you are on the island you have to travel to the Southwest to get to the little paradise spot.

To do this, you can pay a tour company to get you there, hire a car with or without a driver (do not recommend any of these), or the option we chose – rent a scooter. If you are capable of riding a scooter this is the option to go for. To get to the beach you will get stuck in many, many traffic jams, which usually happens in locations where a single lane which is actually a two-way road is located on the side of a steep cliff. By having a scooter you can sometimes skip through these, still just sometimes. You can pick up a scooter anywhere on the harbour for roughly 70,000 IDR per day. 

Once you arrive at the location of the beach you are faced by a 300m high cliff wall and the sketchiest path down to the beach – a bamboo railing construction attached to a cliff. Words will not do it justice by trying to describe this unbelievable but somehow functional construction, so there’s a photo to get the idea.

Two men climbing down stairs to Kelingking, T-rex beach in Nusa Penida in Indonesia

Blogs and videos say that it usually takes 20 minutes to get down to the beach, however, it took us more than an hour to get up and down as the whole path was packed with people and in many places, only one person at a time could pass. Plus, it was steep, like really really steep. If you would not like to throw yourself into the crazy climb but still want to experience the beach, we saw boats and yachts approaching the beach from the ocean, which is a safer and probably a more expensive alternative.

Few tips before you go

Reserve a whole day preferably with an overnight stay somewhere on the island. We booked the last boat of the day to leave the island (big mistake) and we were forced to leave the beach mid-day since it was almost an hour climb up to the car park and an hour drive to the harbour. 

Free up a lot of space on your phone or camera as your inner tourist won’t be able to resist taking photos on every single step. 

It is a shore-break beach and the waves are pretty intense together with the currents, so I would recommend heading for a dip only if you are a confident swimmer.  

Lastly, bring water. Yes I know it’s obvious, but you might end up being exposed to crazy amounts of sun for hours without having the opportunity to buy any refreshments at all. Just look at us. 

Even though this place will be covered in tourists and many, many actual Insta models, the pure sense of joy that you get from being there is indescribable and it will make you forget about any silly responsibilities you might have and it will make you present, right there right then. 

It’s your turn now. Go find some fellow adventurers, plan your journey and go adventure!