Trang An For You Homestay in Vietnam

Have you ever had a moment when you arrive at a location while travelling and the first thought that comes to your mind is ‘’wow, this looks just like the movies’’, or nowadays “Instagram”? Well, this post is basically about accommodation like that. During my post-semester abroad travels with few friends we accidentally stumbled upon the coolest accommodation I have ever stayed at in my life and up to date, I have bagged up 50 plus hostels across three continents.

One for the “gram”

While traveling around Vietnam with three of my friends, after getting off the bus to have a day exploring Ninh Binh, a girl who we met during our travels getting off the same bus asked us to give her a lift to her homestay since we already had our scooters sorted for the day, to which we gladly said yes. This little favour turned out to be one of the best highlights of our three-week trip. We dropped the girl off at the homestay and discovered that the place she was staying at was a little secret paradise. A homestay which seemed more like a hostel had a quiet lake surrounded by mountains on one side and a vertical 100m high cliff on the other, with the cherry on top being a decent size swimming pool right in the middle of the accommodation. This place literally enchanted us, so much that even though we were on a tight schedule and had a night bus booked on the same day to move on to the next location, we couldn’t leave. Few phone calls later we had our bags in one of the rooms and our feet up with a beer in the hand.  

A man stepping into a swimming pool in Vietnam

Where was the magic? Well, it sort of had everything. A pond with dreamy mountains and a dock to hang out and capture those so much valuable Instagram photos. A straight horizontal cliff and a 24 hour access swimming pool in which you actually have a space to swim. Clean, cheap and remote, although only 15 beautiful minute scooter ride away from the town, with the most laid back hosts, it is literally perfect! As most of the businesses in Vietnam they offer scooters for hire, which you should do as there are many other cool places around you can see, like – crazy nature sights in Tam Coc, Hang Mua Bich Dong Pagoda, Mua Cave, and plenty of nice food places in the center of Ningh Binh. Just scootering from one location to another is going to be an adventure itself. If this isn’t paradise for you, I don’t know what is. 

It happened to rain like mad during our stay for 2 hours and it felt like the world is coming to an end, I believe it’s quite common in Vietnam though. Thankfully, there was plenty of space to chill under the roof and a pool table where one of the staff kids kindly offered to kick our butts. 

If you’re hooked, google “For You Homestay” and you should be able to find it. Unfortunately, they don’t have a website or a Facebook page, so I can’t give them any credit, but maybe staying off the grid is where the magic of the place lies.

This place is perfect for taking a few days off if you have a rushed adventure trip through Vietnam, just to chill and hang out. So if you ever happen to be going through Ninh Binh do not go past this place, it is truly something else!

If you know any similar amazing, hidden gems like this, please share the info in the comment section below. Go adventure!