Adventure tourism or travel is a phrase that is being thrown around quite a lot in the last few years. It’s to do with the fact that interest is growing for mind-blowing activities which can make your eyes pop out from your forehead. Oh, and Instagram too. It’s also mentioned endlessly throughout everything that is being done around Adventure Urge and is the ultimate reason why AU exists. So here is a quick intro in the topic for those who are not so familiar with it and a description of our way of seeing it, since there are so many ways adventure travel is being defined.

It might be hard to believe, but adventure travel is more than just an Instagram hashtag. Adventure travel as an act dates back to ancient times but in the commercial world, it is considered to be a new niche market. Because the market is relatively new and still developing, its definitions vary considerably between online dictionaries. However, our vision and understanding of adventure travel are best described by the statement provided by Adventure Travel Trade Association, which states that adventure travel can be any tourist activity which contains two of the following three elements: a cultural exchange, physical activity or interaction and engagement with nature. Basically, there are three boxes and if the purpose of your travel ticks two of them we consider it adventure travel. 

Sounds pretty simple, right? But there’s more to this than meets the eye (compulsory dad phrase). The sector is often divided into two segments, soft and hard adventures. Some examples of soft activities include camping, hiking and orienteering when activities like skydiving, ice climbing and trekking are labelled as hard. Check out this article for more specific details on this topic.

Adventure travel has proven to have all sorts of benefits, as for example, a positive effect on physical and mental health, boost to local economies and even help conserve the environment. 

We are thankful that someone has attached a label to the act of adventure travel as it helps us to narrow down our focus on doing and promoting the thing that gives us a rush and an intense feeling of excitement. 

Regardless of the official terminology or more specific details, few things are pretty clear when it comes to adventure travel. It’s super fun, good for many and is definitely the way to go in the future due to its many benefits.

It’s your turn now. Go find some fellow adventurers, plan your journey and go adventure! 

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